Our client’s brief is to have a contemporary home with large windows and high ceiling throughout. With the site oriented to face primarily east and west, we designed this double storey home with the upper floor gently overhanging the floor below to provide some shade over the large and expansive windows desired. Then we provide deep recesses to a band of full height windows on the upper floor and adds vertical elements at interval to also provide shade and breaks the otherwise monotonous glazed look. Dark timber cladding is used as infill panel and function as additional screening against the harsh sun on the western facade.

The simplicity of its rectangular exterior form echoes through the internal space as well. High floor to ceiling space with edge-to-edge full height windows are featured in all bedrooms. Living areas are provided with generous amount of windows and skylight to upper floor lounge.

A subtly curved staircase is moulded and become the centrepiece of the house which are carried continuously through both floors to soften the interior space. Kitchen and bathrooms are also designed with strong rectangular form and the accent of occasional curve lines.