Mezzgroup is a
innovative and Melbourne based firm.

We specialised in residential projects, including townhouse and medium rise
apartments, as well as commercial projects.

We carefully consider our client’s brief and requirements when formulating a proposed design brief for them.

Mezzgroup key focus are

  • Thoughtful designs that align’s with client’s brief
  • Designs that are not only interesting but also functional
  • Effective utilisation of spaces without compromising the outcome
  • Promoting an enjoyable experience for our clients and collaborators
  • Engaging with the clients throughout the design development process
  • Supporting our clients and consultants during the delivery phase

The team engages in close collaboration with engineers and builders to develop design options that are not only visually appealing but also align with budgetary constraints.

Our methodology prioritizes attentive listening to our clients’ needs and objectives, ensuring the delivery of architectural, civil and interior designs that are both distinctive to each project and highly functional. We actively encourage client involvement throughout all stages of the design process, valuing their input as integral to our success.

Each project receives meticulous attention to detail, with bespoke floor plans and façade designs tailored to the specific context, brief, and financial considerations. Our commitment lies in creating homes and commercial properties that authentically reflect our clients’ visions.

We are also keen to work closely with our client’s building consultants during design phase, and fine tune the designs to be within their construction budget.

Mezzgroup also provides project management services from inception of construction phase to completion phase.  Our team’s hands on approach with the building team, and the care taken during construction, to deliver each projects  with precision to the design.

We ensure excellence through every phase, from inception, design, documentation,
construction and client hand over.